It is our honor and pleasure to work with our clients on creating custom one-of-a-kind pieces for life’s most special moments. Our highly trained and experienced staff is committed to providing the highest quality collaborative design consultation and finished product. Custom projects can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks if a special stone needs to be sourced, or 4-6 start to finish if a diamond is provided by the client. Time frames are flexible depending on the nature of the project. Time frame will be communicated prior to starting any labor on the piece. 

We ask that the client is available for an initial in-person or remote design meeting. From there we will source any materials needed (stone(s), findings, etc). The client can opt to personally select their stone(s), have 页面 herself or a trusted 页面Sargisson team member select for them. Once a stone has been selected, the client understands that 石头不能归还. 

After the initial design meeting and stone selection/approval, further consultation will vary depending on the project and the needs of the client. The 页面Sargisson Team is committed to informing the client of progress and check-ins when necessary. 你可以给OG体育发电子邮件 查询项目的状态.

The following takes place once a stone has been selected:

-页面Sargisson team will provide precise price information for the complete 项目和大概的时间框架. 所有细节包括设计和尺寸将 最终确定. 

-A non-refundable deposit will be paid by the client. 请参阅存款部分 下面.

-Production will begin once the deposit has been received and the custom project will be completed within the approximate time frame.  客户会让OG体育的 know at the time of the deposit payment if they require any further approvals 在生产过程中.

-Balance is due at the time of pickup(or before shipping). 任何文档 or certificates will be provided to the client at this time. 如果有任何物品要运到 client, the client will pay their balance in full prior to shipment.


页面Sargisson works exclusively with high quality diamonds or sapphires for their strength and heirloom quality. Customers are welcome to inquire about additional stone options but no guarantee can be made that we will agree to work with anything but a verified high quality diamond or sapphire. Our team of trained professionals will source a diamond or sapphire based on each individual clients preferences, 预算, 或设计需求.

An heirloom stone that the client owns may be provided for their custom project, and will be subject to close inspection by our team to assess quality and address any possibility of damage in the design and setting process. 尽管OG体育非常小心, 页面Sargisson Inc does not guarantee that a stone will not break or incur damage during the design and setting process. 一旦OG体育拥有了一块石头, it is covered under our insurance plan 高达5000美元 and we encourage our clients to independently verify the value of their stone ahead of production. If a stone that you would like to use is pre-set in a piece of jewelry, a stone removal fee of up to $50 may be required and the client will be notified ahead of time.


All deposits are non-refundable and due before a project begins. If a client is providing a stone that they already own, a deposit of $1000 is due ahead of project initiation. If 页面Sargisson Inc is sourcing a stone for the client, a deposit that is 50% of the total cost is due ahead of project initiation.


Since we are committed to seamless communication and transparency during our custom process, custom project items and stones are non-returnable and non-exchangeable with no exceptions. The client will be able to approve every major design decision(stone selection, 设置样式和规格,包括大小, dimensions and metal) so there will be no surprises upon completion.

Furthermore, the following items are not eligible for return:

  • 任何自定义项目项

  • 自定义项目,包括日历护符

  • 被雕刻过的物品


您珠宝的质量是OG体育最优先考虑的. We will provide free repair on any item damaged within 30 days of purchase. Items that need repair after 30 days may be returned by mail, FedEx or UPS. The cost for repair starts at $25 for shipping and handling and small adjustments. Cost for extensive repairs will be evaluated by our team. 请电子邮件 to receive a repair authorization number and to coordinate with our repairs department.

For custom rings, one complementary resize is available within 3 months of completion. Any subsequent resize thereafter will cost $25 - $50.


Once your stone is in our possession, it will be insured through 页面Sargisson Inc. 高达5000美元. Any stones valued at $5000 or more we encourage the client to insure themselves. 


We offer insured Priority Overnight shipping via FedEX for any stone or item shipped to or from 页面Sargisson Inc. 高达25000美元. The cost of this is $50 and is added to the total cost of your custom project. If you require a label to send your stone to us, just let us know.